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MAC "ENERGIA" inverters will provide your house, boat, workshop & data center with uninterrupted power when needed!

We manufacture 1.3 kWt to 20 kWt 12/24/48Vdc
to 220Vac pure sine wave inverters.

MAC "ENERGIA" SINE & Pro capabilities:

  1. Instant automatic switch AC power from batteries when main power is not available. When main power is restored a convertor transmitting AC power to re-charge and maintain the batteries.
  2. Pure sine wave 220 Vac output (in compliance with Russian GOST Certificate of Conformity 13109-97).
  3. Automatic voltage regulation. Throughput range of main power (without using batteries is 175-250Vac) is adjustable and may be set for extra equipment protection purposes.
  4. UPS capabilities with long duration of power generation from batteries. UPS software enabling such functions is available for download.
  5. Ability to be configured and monitored by our software, which will maintain a log file and has the ability to draw charts based on saved data.
  6. Bypass availability (automatic bypass 220 Vac in case the inverter malfunctions).
  7. Internal fans with regulated rpm speed for quiet mode functionality.
  8. Peak power (during 5 seconds) may be twice the nominal power.
  9. Automatic shutdown on overload, overheating, reverse-polarity and other safety mechanisms implemented.

MAC ENERGIA SINE specific advantages:

  1. An LCD displaying various operation data (voltages, currents, temperature, operation mode, etc.) which allows to establish highly accurate thresholds for switching voltages, power levels and currents. All settings are stored in internal non-volatile memory.
  2. Excellent co-existence with a mini power generator (interception of load in case of excessive power consumption; automatic temporary decrease of charging currents in case the overall power usage is close to the maximum power of mini power station; the alignment of the charging currents)
  3. Open source software for monitoring the grid and inverter, with possibility to be used via the internet.
  4. Powerful four stage charge algorithm (up to 120Amps) with a step digital adjustment of voltages and currents, which enabling our unit to charge larger capacities of batteries and ensure long-term autonomous functionality. MAC ENERGIA SINE will operate with all types of batteries (acid, gel, AGM, alkaline, LiFePO4). A hibernation battery sustain mode, which will keep the batteries 100% charged is also available. A remote battery sensor will execute operational temperature compensation.
  5. In case of accidental complete battery discharge, the built-in charger will be able to re-charge and recover (not all specialized chargers are capable to re-charge a complete zero discharge);
  6. Input power consumption limitation mode is available (stand-by mode, i.e. Power-on-demand when load is detected).
  7. ECO mode prioritizes use of renewable power, being supplied to the batteries (by using solar panels or wind/hydro generation).
  8. Night-time power savings mode is available. Batteries charge at night during grid low cost power periods and use battery power during high cost grid power periods.
  9. Ability to automatically add power during peak power consumption (for example, id a household is allocated only 2 kWt of power, MAC SINE 9.0 kWt is able to automatically switch to battery usage and increase this capacity up to 9.0 kWt).
  10. Tough steel short-circuit-proof, splash-proof and flame-proof enclosure.
  11. Internal circuitry design is based on low-frequency transformers implementation. These expensive Russian military grade transformers provide enormous capacity and reliability.
  12. Certified operational temperature range of -25℃ to +35℃.
MAC modifications, recommended battery capacities
MAC power, kWt
Power max
(active load), kWt
Rated power
Peak power, 5 sec., kWt
autoauto autoautoauto autoautoautoautoauto
Recommended battery
capacity, A·h
Allowed min battery
capacity, A·h
MAC operation on battery power (generation)
Output wave form Pure Sine
Output voltage /
sine distortion
(in compliance with
Russian GOST Certificate
of Conformity 13109-97)
Pmax sine2 - 220Vac ±2%.
Distortion at max load less than 20%
Optimal Sine2 - 220Vac (+2% - 9%) Distortion at
rated load less than 5%
Purs Sine - 220Vac (+2% - 9%) Distorion at
1/2 of max load less tan 5%
Output voltage frequency 50Hz (±0.1%)
Battery current Off mode
/ using grid power3
80-170 mA / 0 mA from grid
Battery7 idle load current 200 - 500 mA
Efficiency 12/24/48V93/94/96%
Electric protectionoverload, shot-circuit, battery reverse polarity connection,
total battery discharge, battery overcharge,
220Vac grid surges & etc.
Operating temperature6-25℃ to +35℃
Operating with grid
Switching to battery power4User defined
Electric protectionoverload
Operation mode switching time
Battery → Grid5<1ms
Grid → Battery8 ~20ms
1Provided the batteries are fully charged at 13Vdc
(26Vdc/52Vdc accordingly) in Pmax mode
2At loads exceeding rated power MAC will not operate for over 20 minutes
3Also depends on battery voltage and LCD lighting.
Unit is completely off when circuit breaker is down and batteries are disconnected.
4Switching voltage limits are user defined
5Grid powered operation will resume after 5 seconds
(internal programming), however, switching duration itself is <1ms
6All parts except LCD may operate down to -40℃.
At temperatures exceeding +35℃ unit's rated power drops
due to internal temperature compensation algorithms
7Model dependent
8Operational mode dependent, i.e. MAC is on battery or grid power
Approximate operation time on battery power
Batteries100 Wt300 Wt500 Wt 1300 Wt2000 Wt4000 Wt
4 x 150 A·h50.4h16.8h10h3.8h2.52h1.26h
8 x 150 A·h100.8h33.6h20h7.6h5.04h2.52h
4 x 200 A·h67.2h22.4h13.2h5.2h3.36h1.68h
8 x 200 A·h134.4h44.8h26.4h10.4h6.72h3.36h
Unit dimensions in cm
up to 2 kWttill 9 kWtover 9kWt
13 x 28 x 3321 x 37 x 5121 x 41 x 56
Unit weight w/o packaging in kg
1.3 kWt2.0 kWt3.0 kWt4.5 kWt 6.0 kWt9.0 kWt12.0 kWt15.0 kWt18.0 kWt20.0 kWt
12.517.022.824.9 31.640.749.154.354.355.3

OOO "MICROART PRO" Ivovaya st., 1, bldg. 1, floor 4, room. 401
Moscow, Russia 129329
Tel. +7 495 504 2025 (Russian speaking only)
English inquiries: @microart

MicroArt of Moscow, Russia is the leading designer and manufacturer of powerful inverters, proven successful in the toughest conditions for over 22 years

Also our product line includes voltage stabilizers, SAS generator auto starters, controllers, batteries, wind generators & solar modules

Our products have won numerous awards at exhibits in Russia

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MAC "ENERGIA" SINE Smart inverters are easily configured and monitored via our open source application, which runs on all Windows, Linux and MACs

Genertion Settings

AC Generation Settings tab

Battery Settings

Battery Settings

Grid Settings

Grid Settings

Grid Settings

Operation Settings


Our software is able to record data and make visual presentations of MAC "ENERGIA" operation. Vac in, Vac out, Vbatt and Power/Current charts.

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